Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Each individual is on their own healing path, whatever that may look like. Some may just want a safe space to talk and off load their week, others may have backgrounds which stop them moving forward.

My aim is to work with you and alongside you, navigating together the right steps to take for you to be able to move forward, or to just sit with you while you embrace where you are.

First steps

You have taken the first step just looking for a counsellor. The next step is finding the right one for you. I offer a free initial session over the telephone/online. This allows each of us to see if we are the right fit for your journey.

After that, sessions can begin weekly, I offer both short term and long term sessions. Face to face, online or over the telephone.

If you feel a one off session could help with your current situation, a 90 minute appointment can be made.

I am also happy to discuss concessions for those on low incomes.

per full hour

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